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What is Media Blasting?


An environmentally friendly way to remove paint, rust, grease, weather staining, smoke damage & more

Media blasting is an air pressure-driven method of cleaning and stripping a wide variety of surfaces without damaging them.  The type of media blasting used depends on the surface being restored.  Soda blasting, for instance, uses large-particle baking soda to quickly remove multiple layers of coatings without warping, pitting, or staining aluminum, steel, fiberglass, plastic, cement, brick, and even wood surfaces.  Depending on your project, we may recommend sand, soda, glass bead, garnet, walnut shell, corn cob, or slag media for blasting.  

We provide both dry and wet (dustless) blasting.  We'll help you determine which method will work best for your project.  


Media Blasting Can Restore and Revitalize:


Convenient and Flexible Service from a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contractor

Jack's Mobile Soda and Sand Blasting can come to you or we can work on your project at our shop.  Whether at our location or yours, we can provide sand, soda, slag, corn cob, glass bead, and walnut blasting services.  Try eco-friendly soda blasting on your next project!

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If you're curious to know how soda blasting beats traditional chemical stripping or sand blasting techniques in many applications, give us a call. 

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